GRAND FINALE! Prayer Focus Day 5

Prophetic /Thanksgiving (confessing /declaring His promises concerning our nation, state, Dmites, blessings and thanksgiving etc) by Apostle Sylvester Umemezie.

Exaltation :
” Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee : and the light shall shine upon thy ways ” Job 22:28 (KJV)

WE know that light is insight, it is revelation, it is understanding/illumination , it is idea. Which can come by acquiring knowledge (learning).

But know it also that the quantum of light you have to make progress in life, that will shine upon path/way can AS WELL COME BY YOU MAKING DECREES according to the scripture above.

By the potency of your decrees (which scripture say shall be established unto thee ) LIGHT WILL ILLUMINATE YOUR PATH .

Jesus said ” when you say and not doubt but believe what you say, you shall have what say ( i. e what you say will happen) Mk 11:23

The power of life and death is in the tongue. Pro 18:21

Prophecy is foretelling and forth – telling. Prophecy is to speak forth as commanded by God. It is speaking the word of God ( Rev 19:10)
It is declaring the will of God and divine intent over your life, situation, the state etc.

It is calling forth those things that are not as though they were believing without doubt what you are declaring. Isaiah 46:10, Rom 4:17c

It is time to make decrees that will come to pass
It is time to prophesy both to yourself and estate
Let us pray!


# 1. let’s thank God for this week of fasting and prayers, for answers to our prayers . Phil 4:6, 1jh 5:14,15.

# 2. Decree open heavens over your earth and the rain of God’s favour to come upon you, plus your estate /earth  Gen 1:4,5

# 3. Until the heaven give rain the earth will not release it’s potential to profit or prosper man.  Decree for God to send you RAIN.  Isaiah 55:10, Eccl 5:9.

# 4.  Command the earth to release your increase /profit and not to work against you nor resist you as you work it.  Eccl 5:9

# 5   call forth your new season of growth, prosperity, depth with God, well being, promotion, expansion etc  by speaking to the things that control the times and seasons of men and the earth.  Gen 1:14

#5 . Command your gates to be open and the blessings of the earth and treasures of the gentiles to come to you.  Isaiah 60:11

# 6. Demand for divine ideas to position you for now and the future (e. g zoom)  Deut 8:18

# 7.  Call forth God’s favour upon your efforts, that God may open the loins of kings unto you and cause you to suck from their breast. Isaiah  60: 3,16,  Isaiah 61:5,6

# 7.  Call forth a double portion not of trouble and shame but of blessings.  Demand it, decree it. Isaiah 61:7 .

# 8.   Decree that Fulani killer herdsmen,  Boko Haram insurgency, kidnapping, Rape  and all kinds of evil in our land Rivers state and Nigeria  shall cease forth with.

# 9.  Decree that our State shall open up to investors,  shall be investor friendly. I Companies/ investors  shall not leave the state anymore.

# 10.  Decree that insecurity and crime in our State shall cease.  Bind the demon behind it.  Isaiah  60:18

# 11.  Speak concerning your investments to yield for you multiple harvests in Jesus name.  You shall have good return on investments.  

# 12.  Go ahead to give God thanks,  give him thanks  in Jesus name.