Divine Enthronement Day 2

Day 2 Prayer Focus
Prayer for the Church of Jesus Christ— Apt Abiye Lennox

*The Church is the Pillar and ground of TRUTH..1Tim3:5
*The Church is the LIGHT of the world—- Matt5:14
*The Church is the SALT of the Earth—Matt5:13

*If the church fails therefore , Truth has failed and salvation is denied men.

*If the church fails, darkness has triumphed and the world will be in chaos.

*If the church fails the earth has lost its seasoning and savor.
Let us therefore stand in prayer for the church.

1. Thank God abundantly for preserving the church inspite of the manifold persecutions and hatred.

2. Let’s humble ourselves before God and repent on behalf of the church for our manifold short comings.(immorality,lies, fraud,strife,bitterness,lukewarmness, divisions, Idolatry). 2Chron7:14

*Ask God for mercy and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ.Eph 1:7

Remember, God added to the church of old, daily, such as should be saved. Acts 2:47

* Let’s pray for massive daily addition of converts to the body of Christ

* Pray for multiplication of true disciples Acts 6:7

*Pray for the revival of passion for lost souls and that God should raise more labourers towards the harvest of souls.

* pray against any form of opposition to soul winning( destroy the spirit of Elymas and bind the god of this world).

A house divided against itself shall not stand. unless the church learns to stand as one …the Gates of hell will soon prevail.

* Pray that the love of God will prevail in our hearts and bind us together as one.

* Pray against the spirit of denominationalism that has divided the church more than ever before.

* Pray for the church leaders to speak with one voice concerning issues.

*Pray that as the church unites as one; that God will command his blessings tremendously amongst us.Ps133:1-3


Being the light of the world places a grave responsibility on the church to give direction to a confused, troubled and chaotic world.

*Pray earnestly that out of Zion(the church) the light will shine to give direction to the world in this global crisis.Ps50:2

The Church of Jesus was born on Pentecost with power, it was sustained by power, and will keep ruling with power. Acts 2:1

* Let us therefore pray for an outbreak of Divine power as of old.

* Power is needed for effective witness of the gospel.Acts1:8..let us pray for this power to witness with tangible results Acts 4:33

Until there is a restoration of the apostolic prayer and holiness culture, true revival is not in view.

* Let us cry out for the restoration of the spirit of holiness and the culture of genuine prayer in the church again. Luke 18:1, 1Thes4:7

The church is the salt of the earth. Salt impacts by penetration. Salt gives flavor and seasoning to a system.

* Let us pray that the church will effectively penetrate the society for
maximum impact.

*Pray for the seasoning effect of the church on our society through empowerment and transformational leadership.

* Pray that church by it’s preservative power will keep our institutions and society from utter corruption and decay.
* Pray against satanic forces programed to silence the church on earth.

Finally, thank God answered prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Amen.