From DMI Coordinator: 2020 Charge

🚩 From DMI Coordinator🚩

Hello Saints of God!😃
I’m sure most of us are fully engaged in the fasting and praying programs of our different churches that usually take place at this time of the year in preparation of the great things ahead.

Hey! Let me remind you that great destinies are realized through great sacrifices that most of the time also come along with great challenges!

I say this because it is unlikely to hear that you will be told you should expect challenges at the beginning of a new year!

As you prepare for a great year ahead, please consciously receive grace and wisdom to handle these challenges as they come along within the year.

Your responsibility is to receive grace (not asking) because God has already released it ahead to you for your time of need. Ephesians 4:7, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Wisdom is knowing how to respond/handle/deal with situations.

You will not lack the wisdom to activate His grace upon your life in Jesus name!🙏🏽
As we embark on our DMI theme for the year 2020
God will bless us with greater impact & results this year in Jesus name!🙏🏽

From The DMI Coordinators’ desk📝