Welcome to
Diligent Men
………… Diligently Impacting our Generation

Diligent Men International (DMI) is a Christian organization committed to helping people discover, develop and maximize their God-given potentials.

Most people on earth live and die without realizing the great potential with which they were graciously endowed by God. As a result of ignorance, laziness and sometimes, outright rebellion, so many people end up in mediocrity.

This is contrary to the purpose of God for man; who has given every single person talents, gifts or abilities to “replenish the earth” and advance God’s cause on earth.The pursuit of this desire of God for every single person is the essence of the Diligent Men International.

DMI Vision

“A world where everyone functions fully in his/her God-given potentials”

DMI Mission

  • Motivating one another to the peak of our potentials
  • Enlightening our generation
  • Helping the needy

DMI Core Values

  • Godliness
  • Relationship
  • Diligence
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

Units / Service Arms

  • Image Makers (The Publicity/Public Relations Arm)
  • Promise Keepers (The Outreach/Welfare Arm)
  • Heritage Crew (The Literature/Creative Writing Arm)


Membership of DMI is open to all who believe and live by the tenets of the Christian faith.